C1Taste life details, design cozy bedside

Innovative Masterpiece & Easy to Handle 

Original Design, Brand-new Definition, Bedside Favorite

Easy Glimpse

3.2-inch adjustable LED display

Number displayed up to 23mm high

You can see the time at any corner of the room

Optimal inclination, easy to glimpse

Easy Press

6 energy saving LED at both sides of the display screen

50 LM (lumen)

Still clearly seen in the sunlight

Shift to night mode just with a gentle press

Won’t disturb your sleep even in deep night

Quick setting

It is extremely easy to set alarm clock. What you need to do is just spin the big knob. Time is set when you are feeling how time flies

Sweet ring

Have you ever concerned on waking experience every day?

A pleasant morning comes from the moment you open your eyes.

Chord ringtones let you wake up leisurely in fresh music.

Backup battery

Guarantees uninterruptible electricity for alarm.

Intelligent power stack with 3C certification

Fashion Easy to handle

C1 Specification


Charging Ports: double USB

Driver Units: 27mm

Power Adaptor: AC 110-240V, 50/60hz, DC 5V 3A

Size: 10.1x6.6x9cm

Output Power: 2W


Compatible with iPad and mobile phones

AC power adaptor

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